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MAY 2018

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May 2018 | Ancillary Retail 27 Store Layout The store layout is simply a floorplan that shows the loca- tion of every fixture, wall, walkway, door, electrical outlet, plumbing stub, etc. The layout is created before, or some- times concurrently with, the design of fixtures. The layout helps the designer to identify, prioritize and allocate mer- chandising real estate according to aesthetic, functional and display needs. From an economic perspective, good design utilizes every square inch of merchandising space for revenue generation. Full utilization of all merchandising space is almost im- possible, but the layout, when properly used, helps the de- signer come as close as possible. The layout is created to scale so that fixture size may be gauged and adjusted to ensure that it: • possesses sufficient capacity, and • does not encroach on walkways thereby violating ADA requirements. Just as important, the designer uses the layout to: • direct traffic patterns through the store, and • provide storage areas for inventory and supplies. In most cases, the layout is a planning tool and is there- fore approximate in its specification. After fixture design is complete, store construction drawings will precisely replace the layout. Fixture Design With the understanding gained from the product review and the store layout in hand, the process of fixture design may begin. A well-designed fixture meets several require- ments simultaneously. First, it must display products in their best light without drawing attention from them. If a customer is looking at a fixture, the design of which may be remarkable, then that customer's attention is not on the merchandise. DESIGN A miniature model of store fixtures that help develop the store's visual dialogue.

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