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MAY 2018

Ancillary Retail magazine is the retail industry’s resource for ancillary income markets. Ancillary Retail will provide relevant news, best strategies and practical tips to help developers and retailers grow and sustain successful businesses.

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2 Ancillary Retail | May 2018 FROM THE PUBLISHER Necessary & Vital As we started working on this in- augural issue of Ancillary Retail, I was struck by how similar the process of launching a new magazine is to re- tailers starting their own businesses. Of course, you need to forecast, plan and work out the kinks before your idea comes to fruition. But, at the heart of the process is a passionate team working to make it happen — armed with an idea, a purpose and a desire to share their idea with others. Our purpose with this new publica- tion is to feature and discuss the "oth- er" segments of retail that are a vital piece of a location's overall income. For many, the term "ancillary in- come" is a budget item covering a broad spectrum of areas, but when you look at the definition of the word it is so much more. By definition, "ancillary" means "necessary and supporting." As we formed the framework for Ancillary Re- tail, we organized the concept around the value of these segments of retail to the industry as a whole. In today's shopping landscape, consumers want more from their overall experience and ancillary income segments are more significant than ever. They are not just revenue streams, but a way to engage shoppers on every level to keep them coming back and driving sales. From marketing, sponsorships, and advertising to specialty retail and pop- ups, ancillary income provides crucial support to the overall retail industry. These retailers and programs help shape a community's perception of a center, as well as customer experience and even the "Instagram-ability" of a location (which is an important factor for millennial shoppers). As tradition- al shopping centers evolve, the need to consider more creative and innovative ways to incorporate ancillary income has become necessary for a center's success, not just a desirable additional income option. It is our goal that Ancillary Retail will become an indis- pensable source for shopping center professionals and retailers to find strat- egies, inspiration and resources for creating and developing vibrant and sustainable ancillary pro- grams. We hope you find this premiere is- sue beneficial and that you are as ex- cited to read it as we are to bring it to you. We look forward to working with colleagues, new and old, in our quest to deliver the most relevant and use- ful information to our readers to help create exciting and dynamic retail ex- periences for today's shoppers and be- yond. Debbie Huard Publisher

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